Starblazer Chronicles

Welcome !

This Campaign, which uses the Starblazer Adventures RPG System, is currently being played in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Awesome Mood

As the premise of Starblazer Adventures dictates, the mood we look for in our adventures is that of awesome pulp uber epic Space Opera adventures. Of course, the Campaign also has its breaks of comic relief, mystery, suspense, and hand-cutting-im-your-father-noooo drama.

The Custom Setting

The setting in which the action takes place is custom made, based on some of the Starblazer Comics, and on several works of fiction (books, movies, videogames, etc) that we considered influential to our image of the Space Opera genre and Sci-Fi in general. The setting is under constant development, as we add more and more details and flavor every time we roleplay. Check out all about it in our wiki.

The Language Disclaimer

As we speak mostly Spanish, the rest of the pages of our Campaign in Obsidian Portal will be written in Spanish. Feel free to ask/comment in english if you like.

Starblazer Chronicles

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